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Intellectual Property

20 Eylül 2013

Intellectual Property & Antitrust 2013 – Turkey

Ömer Yigit Aykan and Onur Ergönen – Getting the Deal Through – 1 Intellectual property law Under what legislation are intellectual property rights granted? Are there restrictions on how IP rights may be exercised, licensed or transferred? Do the rights exceed the minimum required by the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights […]


Tax on Inbound Investment 2013

18 Eylül 2013

Tax on Inbound Investment 2013 – Turkey

Ömer Yiğit Aykan –  Getting the Deal Through –  Acquisitions (from the buyer’s perspective) 1 Tax treatment of different acquisitions What are the differences in tax treatment between an acquisition of stock in a company and the acquisition of business assets and liabilities? From both the purchaser’s and seller’s perspective, making a choice between a […]